Graphic Design

AM Media Creators in partnership with DBarcelo Graphic Design is expanding its services to offer our clients quality graphic design and branding services. We are excited to help you develop and promote your brand with quality images that will appeal to your audience and represent your business well. Available services include (but are not limited to) logos, business cards, letterheads and brochures.

As a partner with AM Media Creators, DBarcelo Graphic Design provides clients with an optimal experience, combining quality graphic design with quality web design/development. Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for your media needs. Whether you are launching an organization or refreshing your marketing, AM Media Creators and DBarcelo Graphic Design can empower your organization.

If you have questions or would like to request a quote for your project, feel free to complete the Media Request Form. Select the button to view a few examples of Daniel’s work.

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Social Media Integration

Beyond web design and development is the task of connecting your site with the online world. Simple steps can be taken to ensure that your site is connected to the various social networks (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, digg, MySpace, Windows Live Spaces, Orkut, StumbleUpon, linkedin, and so many others). However, there is a much broader responsibility to develop a strategy for social media integration. Brian Solis, principal of FutureWorks, prepared an excellent article on this specific topic. Mr. Solis’ article provides a great platform for our efforts. The following are a list of available services:

  • Review of current social media trends
  • Creation of official social network accounts
  • Development of a clear and defined message
  • Nurturing of an online community
  • Consultation on organization adaption procedures
  • Integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for advanced follow-up
  • Monitoring of social media metrics


With regard to e-commerce development, we provide two options. For those selling 1-25 products, we recommend an integrated shopping cart using WordPress and the WP e-commerce plugin. This plugin is easily integrated into your existing WordPress installation.

For those selling more than 25 products, we recommend PrestaShop an open-source, comprehensive software. With a worldwide community of users, PrestaShop offers a safe, up-to-date platform for e-commerce. To date, more than 40,000 e-commerce sites use PrestaShop. Either option will provide you with the flexibity to sell and manage your online portfolio.

AM Media Creators assists with e-commerce through the following steps:

  • Installation of WordPress plugin or PrestaShop
  • Customization of tool’s style and setting
  • Collaboration with organization on site organization
  • Initial store development (uploading content), if applicable to contract agreement

E-mail Marketing

In addition to a great website, organizations and individuals alike can benefit from increased visibility. One way to increase visibility is through e-mail marketing. This unique form of marketing harnesses the power of e-mail into a manageable service that will provide seamless delivery and track responses. AM Media Creators uses, MailChimp, a third-party company to assist in the development, delivery, and reporting functions of email marketing.

We facilitate the e-mail marketing process through the following steps:

  • Connect MailChimp with your Google Apps account
  • Establish website collection form
  • Collaborate with your organization on e-mail campaigns
  • Launch and monitor campaings


When you need to collect data, AM Media Creators can create, send, and compile online surveys. Through a third-party, we provide powerful reporting tools that allow you to view summary reports, compare responses, and apply filters. Data is also available for export in multiple formats.

In some cases, we can be contracted to complete the actual analysis and statistical work. We have experience in statistical analysis for large and small datasets with specific experience in satisfaction and extant data analysis.